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Client Testimonials

Amy has a passion for assisting people in reaching their fitness goals. Amy has a bachelor's degree from San Jose State University. Her 19 years of experience have confirmed her belief that focusing on weight training will assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Amy attributes her success with clients to her own experience with setting goals and holding yourself accountable to your commitments. She gets so excited when she sees her clients achieve small and large goals.

She is originally from San Francisco but has lived in Dana Point for 9 years. On her free time she loves golf, skiing, soccer, hiking and paddle boarding.

What separates Amy in the industry is how she customizes the program to the client's goal Before she trains a client she runs a number of tests on you to make sure your program is best suited for you.

Amy has three aspects to her program! Nutrition, weight training and the right cardiovascular program to hit your goals.

Amy has worked beside physical therapist for the year. This has given her the experience to work with client who have or have had injuries. She believes in continuing education and attends various workshops and seminars throughout the year. She looks forward to helping you achieve, and exceed, your fitness goal.

“I am very happy to recommend Amy Elder, my Personal Trainer. Under her supervision I have lost over 17 lbs! I have grown muscle and improved my general wellbeing.

Amy is very experienced and it shows in how she trains. Performing the exercises is not enough. Amy insists that they are performed correctly and for the maximum positive effect. Bad habits learned from prior personal trainers are hard to correct. However Amy has shown me how to train properly and she does it in such a positive and professional way, you want to get it just right.

Amy takes time to learn about the unique needs and limitations of your body. She will not allow you to hurt yourself or do anything improper for you body as it currently is. She has deep knowledge of human anatomy and she uses it to develop an exercise program that is right for you. She also works closely with physical therapists and massage experts to get you any additional help you need and to aid in recovery after an injury.

I have issues with asthma and with very tight calf muscles and Achilles tendon. Amy carefully diagnosed my situation and developed a workout to address areas that need special attention. She always performs helpful post exercise stretches and other techniques to ensure that you are not in pain after your workout and can function optimally in your daily activities.

Last but not least, everyone who knows Amy also knows that she is a very caring individual who genuinely likes people. She ensures that each session is not only productive but also very enjoyable and fun. I think she is the ideal personal trainer.”

- Michael Davis

“After a dirt bike accident kept me grounded for the better part of a year and left me with a lingering shoulder injury I sought out a really skilled Personal Trainer who could help me get back into shape. My search led me to Amy who immediately impressed me with her high energy and fitness knowledge. She laid out a comprehensive program and put me to work rebuilding my core and leg strength, balance and aerobic conditioning while paying careful attention to my shoulder recovery. Amy's knowledge about fitness is stronger than any trainer I have worked with previously and she pushed me to really stick with it. Amy made it happen!”
- Steve Speak

“As a client of Amy's, I can honestly say that the personal training I received from Amy Elder, was an integral part of my transformation. I lost a total of 10% body fat and of 25 lbs on the scale! I gained more muscle and overall feel better and healthier. I was equally pleased that Amy guided me along the way and took me to different level of fitness witch changed my body. Kudos to Amy for helping me reach my goals.”
- Paul Guthhart

“As I have gotten older training and fitness have been the foundation for living a full more active life. Correct posture, flexibility, balance and strength are key to keeping my health. Amy Elder's has knowledge towards fitness training. Amy has allowed me to participate in life with a "can-do attitude" which makes life interesting, fun and full of energy! Thank you Amy for your expertise, kindness and good positive energy! ”
- Sharolyn Naftel


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